Store Tour: Uncle Pete's

A while back I had the chance to sit down with Peter Tam and Adam Fetherston of Uncle Pete's. We chatted about the opening of the store, heading out for drinks and not taking any of it too seriously. So check out the site, give them a twitter follow or if your in the area go check out the store.

OMS - Who is Uncle Pete’s owned by?
Peter Tam

OMS - When did Uncle Pete’s open?
Opened Dec 15th 2009

OMS - What is the concept behind the Store?
Adam: Uncle Pete’s is a comfortable atmosphere, we try to make it all inclusive. We bring brands in that we are familiar with or feel will make the store more intimate in some way. We wanted to give it a mom and pop vibe, a place to talk fashion, lifestyle, etc. Pete: We are looking to move forward with a mix of lifestyle products, a nice mix that we feel is comfortable. We really had no plan of what pieces we felt comfortable with. Yesterday is history tomorrows a mystery live in today.

OMS - What made you decide to open the store?
Pete: We began the process about one year before we officially opened in September. I decided I had enough. I just quit my job with out anything but an idea. I called Adam and in October signed a lease and opened in December. Adam: For me, an opportunity to be part of a great vision and be passionate about the brands. Also to be able to help Pete’s vision, getting that vibe into Boston and to the consumer. The process was crazy in October we had to complete the build out and get brands ready. We where here everyday working with brands and getting not only the store ready but our web identity ready as well. We brought friends in to help with a lot of the process: web and the actual build out of the store itself, it was an organic process. Pete: It was important to me to be an individual and have the store represent me. A place to bring stuff together that may not go together ,but just cool things that make a store. I try to buy pieces, not outfits just cool shoes, jeans and shirts. Not necessarily following trends - just laid back. Adam: Two main words we used were honesty and quality. Even coming up with the name of the store. We sent emails around for a while with tons of name possibilities. Pete: I am a new uncle so the subject lines for the names were uncle Pete’s more so as a joke. Then one day we were like we kind of like Uncle Pete’s . We were initially a little worried that it may be a deterrent to people, but we went with it and everyone loved it. When I was in Paris they were referring to me not as Pete but Uncle Pete. The name also felt right as in this Charles street location - something with honesty and quality.

OMS - What labels do you stock?
Comme des Garcons PLAY, Comme des Garcons SHIRT, CDG Wallets ,CDG Fragrances, Rogues Gallery, YMC, Rag & Bone, Nice Collective, RRL, Surface to Air, Band of Outsiders, Unis, SEA, Vena Cava, Under Ligne by Doo.ri, Cloak & Dagger, Tretorn, Bing Bang, Porter, G Shock, KZO, Rick Owens Dark Shadow, Nicholas K., Baron Wells , Hestor, Shipley Halmos, Woolrich, False, Stussy Deluxe

OMS - What do you look for when stocking?
Adam: Is that piece going to be unique and does it resonate with us? I mean anything from G Shock to RRL, basically what we fall in love with. Pete : If it makes sense with the store. I mean, what I wear and what I want my girlfriend to wear.

OMS - What type of clientele do you appeal to?
Adam: Honestly this has been a really good mix. We have the regular guy and really just anyone. If you look good in the clothes come on in. Pete: We have people that want to save money for a month as well as the guy can come in and drop some cash. Inclusive was another word we used when we had first started.

OMS - What sets Uncle Pete’s apart from other stores?
For us, the brands and that experience, that lifestyle that we will bring. That mix and also comfort within the store. Hopefully sometime in the future we can bring in some collaborations to bring exclusivity. Adam: Overall, just the creation of a place to come hang out and not feel intimidated by a big department store.

OMS - What is the current state of Boston fashion and where is it headed?
Adam: I believe it’s a bit of a dry city as to those who may walk in and understand the brands but in the same respect fashion is here, because we could not be here if it was not for those people. So I guess it is underestimated. There is a lot going on in Boston, people are educated, the mix that we see, its great. There are many people that believe in us. Boston has a bunch of great independent stores. We have a lot of industry - from sneaker brands to manufactures.

OMS - How did you choose Charles Street for the Location?
Pete: It felt very comfortable the local business and the space. It made sense with the character of the street, as well as our friends around the area, the history, and the character. This just felt right.

OMS - What’s going on with the intro videos on the website?
Adam : The films we researched as a way to kept people engaged. We felt like it added to the mystery of fashion, yet was still tongue and cheek. That they had some fashion and some everyday day perception of what your going to wear that day and yet not take it too seriously. Do something a little different that’s also playful.

OMS - What are some of your favorite spots around Boston?
: Middlesex lounge, Good life, ICA, I am pretty laid back but I’ll head to The Liberty Hotel for a drink and a quick bite. Sometimes Sevens a little local joint. I usually end up doing something quick since we are currently here every day and its just myself and Pete right now.

Uncle Pete’s
125 Charles Street
Boston, Ma 02114
www. unclepetesshop.com
Twitter: @unclepetesshop